Tools to create collaborative behaviour

A skilled craftsman can do two things well: knowing what tool to use in a situation, and applying that tool with great skill. Noventus also uses tools to boost our positive impact. We are glad to make them available for our customers.

Network Mapping Tool
The Network Mapping Tools is designed by Noventus, with the goal of giving a quick and clear view on the actors in an internal or external network. The tool offers insights in the important partners, the connections between them and the different roles and positions.

The Noventus Hierarchy of Network Needs
Collaborating in a network environment requires a logic and structured building plan. The Noventus Hierarchy of Network needs is a by Noventus designed tool that includes all the crucial bits and parts in building a collaborative network.

LEGO Serious Play
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a facilitated methodology for strategy and vision development, team creation, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology is young, innovative and energising. Noventus has certified staff to organise these sessions.

Neuro Linguistic Programming
NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a coaching methodology based on the actual functioning of our brain. By using NLP techniques, individual or group sessions can be facilitated towards a goal.

Data harvesting
Data collection happens based on solid methodologies rooted in academic research methods. By selecting the appropriate method in every situation, the result is optimal. Examples of methods are structured interviews, online surveys, focus groups, living labs, ... 

Organisational Auditing
Auditing is the analysis of an organisation. In organisational auditing, the target subject is the actual functioning of the organisation or the organisation network. In this setting, the entire organisation is analysed, spanning every department and functions.

Podio is a fully customizable online collaboration platform. Noventus has of the shelf modules for usage in networks, available for our customers. This way, organisations can set up an online platform quickly and efficient. An additional benefit is that a range of important network parameters can be monitored.

Cluster and collaboration database
Over the course of year, Noventus has met a lot of collaborative networks like clusters, ecosystems, network organisation, ... All these networks are stored in our database. The knowledge and information in the database can be applied to help our customers.