Collaboration methodology

Noventus is specialised in the improvement, installation and facilitation of 'networks' of internal teams and external partners. We work for ambitious SMEs, national and international corporations and governments. To achieve the best results, we collaborate with our customers to build a tailor made project.


The Noventus approach is based on the four steps in a transition track: Understanding the current situation, building up knowledge, understanding and creating the new situation and applying and anchoring the change.

INTRODUCTION | Getting to know each other

Noventus joins your organisation as independent expert, and listens to your questions, wishes and needs. We offer insights in our way of working, and how it is rooted in scientific knowledge. We share our experiences and align our needs.

STEP 1 | Understanding the current situation

By using an Evidence Based Management approach, we gather all the information and insights on the current situation. This forms the basis, a starting point for the rest of the project. Preferably, tangible measurements and analysis is done. During this phase, a lot of information is collected. Interviews, surveys, observations, document studies,.... are all executed and processed with high rigor.

Keywords: advice, support, audit, reporting, ...

STEP 2 | Building up knowledge

Understanding your current situation is important, but not enough the set a transition in motion. By offering knowledge and building up skills in the organisation, Noventus initiates a breakthrough out of the current status. Examples of ways to build up knowledge are LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops, team sessions, online training or personal coaching. 

Keywords are: facilitating, coaching, training and development, ...

STEP 3 | Creating the future situation

Once enough knowledge and insights are available in your organisation, the time has come to look forward. Together with Noventus, step by step, you create the new situation. We mainly use workshops and strategic meetings to achieve a stunning plan.

Keywords are: advice, support, execution.

STEP 4 | Applying and anchoring

Last but not least. Even the greatest strategic plans are worth nothing if they stay in some drawer. Noventus helps out in the execution. As a customer, you choose what and how: follow-up and monitoring of progress and results, or do we take the full execution responsibility in hands? Anything can be discussed!

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