Collaboration between organisations

In this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, organisations face numerous challenges: revenue, growth, flexibility, innovation, digitisation, disruption and competitive pressure. Challenges like these push organisations towards increasing investments in collaboration with other organisations, suppliers or customers.

Are your current partnerships blocking your future or are they sustainable, of high quality and strategically aligned?

Noventus is your right hand that balances, engages and activates the right partners for your projects, aligned with your strategic goals. We map out the existing network partners and evaluate, from a neutral position, the relevant parameters like quality, processes, communication, flexibility, ... On top of that we facilitate the creation of new connections, national and international, that add value to your business.

We optimize the task distribution in your external network. Our structured approach guarantees a smooth integration of actions and results across all partners.

We use different approaches: systematic discussions, sharing knowledge, setting up a specific project, facilitating complex partnerships... 

Why contact Noventus?

  • Audit and analysis of existing collaborative networks.
  • Facilitating complex external collaboration.
  • Entering new -international- markets. 
  • Creating involvement and commitment at external partners.
  • Determining common shared goals.
  • Determining and developing the required network DNA.
  • Boosting the effectiveness and results of external collaboration.
We bring the different partners around the table to optimize the mutual targets and to determine the result.

Our tools offer our customers the opportunity to create valuable and effective external collaborations.

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