Collaboration services

Every situation is unique. Your own organisation has specific challenges and opportunities. Only by listening can we understand where the questions are and how we can work towards results. By adding your situational knowledge and insights to our experience and skills on collaboration we can target for results and impact.


Are the opportunities in your organisation mainly focused on the strengthening of the internal collaboration, or does the future lie in the development and optimisation of connections to external parties? Our toolbox is ready and available for both approaches. Together we develop amazing results!

What to expect from Noventus?

If you're looking for knowledge and insights on the optimization of complex collaboration models, Noventus takes on the role of adviser. We coach people on key positions, we step into strategic or operational meetings, we analyse situations and create transparant reports. We design transition trajectories, networks and organisations.

Changing and optimizing, it's rarely an easy process. Needless to say it is valuable to manage these processes to a positive outcome. Maybe the right skills or capacity to manage this is unavailable in your organisation? Noventus supports transition tracks, based on years of experience we bring people, teams and organisations from A to B without a detour.

You're expert on your own organisation. Nobody knows the specific challenges and opportunities better. Nobody knows better how to work towards result in your own company. However, and it should surprise us if not, that valuable knowledge and expertise is highly busy: full schedules, mailboxes, endless chains of meetings, ... Sometimes, an organisation just doesn't have the time to optimize and execute transition tracks. Search and selection of the right talent is expensive and time consuming. Noventus temporary makes the right people available: skills and experience on demand!

How do we do this?

To work towards a result efficiently, an execution plan and a structured process is paramount. The core of our methodology is based on the four steps in growth and development transitions: Understanding the current situation, gaining knowledge on the future possibilities, understanding and developing the new situation en applying the new situation.

A skill-full craftsman masters two things: knowing what tool to use in a specific situation, and using that tool with great skill. Noventus uses tools to amplify our positive impact. We offer these tools to the organisations we work with.


Noventus helped us evaluate the operation of a number of network organizations. They offer an excellent analysis and they formulate strategic recommendations for a more efficient and effective approach to the functioning of network organizations.
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