The name 'Noventus' comes from the combination of 'Novus Ventus', meaning new wind. This is what we always aim to achieve: provide our customers with a new wind that sails them towards a greater future.

Noventus was founded in 2009 by Koen Vriesacker. At that time, the activities focused on innovation and entrepreneurship advice and consultancy. In 2015, the activities  were expanded on a European scale. 3 partners (Susanna Varho, Susanne Kuehrer and Ilkka Lakaniemi) joined the organisation, and the activities were sharpened towards inter-organisational collaboration and cooperation as driver for innovation. Koen Vriesacker was appointed as Managing Director of the new legal entity 'The Noventus Connection'. In 2016, Marc Sonnaert joined as associate partner.

The mission is to connect organisations. We do believe collaboration networks are the key driver for business success. Now and in the future.

We aim to be one of the global top players on building and managing collaboration networks, hybrid teams and organisations.

The founders wanted to create a real 'new organisation' type, fit for the future. As true network organisation, The Noventus Connection is built to be flexible, scalable and highly efficient.